What you Need to Buy for a New Puppy!

Have you decided to bring home a new furry bundle of joy home? Congratulations! Now the next steps are making sure that you have everything you need for your new furry friend. We have a list of everything you need when bringing home a new puppy, keep reading!

1 | High quality puppy Food


Blue Buffalo

SALE: $48.98

The first thing you’ll need is puppy food! You may need to let your puppy try a few different brands to see what they like, but they will need high-quality food with high nutrients to grow and develop properly.

If you’re unsure, Blue Buffalo could be a good choice. Their food always feature real meat as the first ingredient and claim to use high-quality ingredients for your puppy. You can even get it delivered directly to your door via Amazon without having to lift a finger!

2 | Water and food bowls



You will need water and food bowls for your new pup. I would recommend getting bowls that are “non-slip” to ensure the bowl does not slip around during feeding time, making it difficult for your puppy to eat, as well as make a mess in your home. The no-frills and affordable bowls from AmazonBasics come in a pack of two and have a no-slip design – perfect as a starter set for your new pup!

3 | Puppy Training Pads



While your puppy is still potty-training, he will occasionally have accidents inside of your home. To avoid the mess, have a training pad in a designated area of the home! Proper use of puppy training pads can even help to potty train your puppy more quickly

4 | Leash



It is important to have a good leash for your new pup. We recommend using a leash that does not retract while you’re trying to train your puppy to walk beside you.

5 | Collar



SALE: $8.99

It is important to get a comfortable and well-fitting collar for your puppy to ensure he/she can’t take it off himself or makes them feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

6 | Playpen / Exercise Pen


Midwest Homes for Pets

The playpen will be a comfortable and familiar area for your puppy to play in. Having one will keep your puppy from wandering around the home, eliminating in unwanted areas, and avoid potential accidents like eating or swallowing something that was not meant to be eaten/swallowed.

7 | Puppy-friendly toys



SALE: 8.99

Get some safe, puppy-friendly toys for your pup to keep him/her entertained throughout the day. We recommend the ZippyPaws No Stuffing Squeaky Plush toys as these stuffing-less toys will keep your puppy entertained while avoiding any mess and choking hazards.

8 | Treats



Remember to get some treats to train your new pup! Reward him with a treat for good behaviour, and they’ll be learning new tricks in no time. Try to get small, easy-to-chew treats like Zuke’s Mini Natural Treats as it should be quick and easy for the pup to eat while training.

9 | Bedding



SALE: 19.09

It’s important to get a bed that fits your puppy well or he will not want to sleep in. Leave a blanket from his mom or a toy that he really loves in the bed that will keep him comfortable to sleep in the bed at night.

10 | Grooming – brush, nail clipper, comb


Ruff ‘n Ruffus

SALE: $12.97

Get essential grooming tools for your new furry friend, such as a brush, nail clippers, and a finishing comb. We recommend the kit linked above from Ruff ‘n Ruffus as the kit comes with everything you need! Plus, we love that the brush is self-cleaning, making it easy to remove all of the left-over fur caught on the brush after every use.

11 | Shampoo


Choose a shampoo that is safe to use for your fragile puppy hair and skin. We recommend the Burt’s Bees All-Natural Tearless Shampoo as the ingredients are said to be 100% safe to use for all dogs and puppies.

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